Shu uemura customers portfolio

Brand: Shu uemura

Age group: Working women between 25 to 40 years of age. Like: Lovers of Japanese arts, students, medical worker, office worker, model, actress, housewife.

Common interests: Art, Fashion, Beauty, Skin care, Sport, Natural science.

Customer: Ashley

Occupation: Editor

Marital status: unmarried

Location: London


Ashley wakes up and the first thing she check her mail box and Iphone




Eat breakfast(fruits yoghourt, white bread, egg, orange juice)15min

Beauty regime, she will spend 30min on skin care, make-up and hair styling

Dressing for 15min



Leaves her apartment she share with her boyfriend John, and walk to Canary wharf underground station

She tend to has her Iphone in her hand to check all of her social media and blogs she followed to kill time for traveling to work place



Ashley will meet her high school classmate Nicky whose a fashion designer at waterloo station almost everyday. They will talk about the latest information in fashion area or recent traveling experience



Ashley say goodbye to Nicky, and get off at Green park station, then walk to work place for 10 min



She meets with her director or assistants to discuss what is going to be in the following days work



Ashley squeezes in a quick lunch with managers or collaborators, unless she has to finish emergent cases



In the most of time, Ashley should go out to collect information material for her work or meet respondents in the afternoon



Some times, Ashley will wait for John to drive she to apartment. Sometimes she will do some shopping at shopping mall then go home by underground system



Unless Ashley need to do extra work, she has dinner with John at apartment, settles down to watch evening TV or play video games with john, or hung out with their friend for parties