Unique selling proposition anaysis

After Shu uemura brand visual & 4Ps analysis, I move attention on the other field, Unique selling proposition(USP). ‘USP’ means unique selling proposition. It is one of the basics of effective marketing and business that has stood the test of time. A USP can help customers by saving them time when they are considering buying a product or service. By stating simply and clearly why your product or service is different, it will stand out from the competition. You can use a different USP for every product or service within your range. Alternatively, you may decide to use a company-related USP, such as high levels of customer service.

Every business needs a USP for its products and services. To stand out in today’s crowded market place you must be either BETTER or CHEAPER than your competitors. The process of identifying a USP helps you to focus on the key benefits that help to sell your products or services and contribute to your profits. You can also use your USP to provide a focus for, and therefore improve the effectiveness of, your promotion and sales activities. If you want to see examples of USPs in practice, then advertising is a good place to look. Advertising agencies have limited space to convey all the features and benefits of a particular product or service. So, in just a few words, they seek to communicate how the company is different and what customers can expect when they buy the product or service. A couple of examples from a recent daily newspaper include:

• Citroen want to draw attention to the fact that not only do their cars have new gizmos and gadgets (as do the other manufacturers’ cars) but that theirs have been designed with the customer in mind (unlike other manufacturers’): “Technology as it should be: 100% useful”.

• Olympus cameras want potential purchasers to know that a new model can do all the things that a professional would want but without requiring the expertise, expense and effort required to set up and produce quality results: “All the features of a professional camera without the fuss”.

In this post, I will present several Shu Uemura online advertisings which follow by personal comprehension about the selling points of those cases.

Example 1:

Mon Shu Girl birth – Karl Lagerfeld for shu uemura

Advertising of Karl Lagerfeld for shu uemura collections. In this case, the most important selling point of make-up is the design of Karl’s, it is no doubt that the design in Karl’s mind already far more attractive than the feature or quality of products. Beside, the animated effect and various of colors showed in this animation advertising, all want to express the style and part of product information to audience.

USP: Design and style of Karl Lagerfeld / The diversity of colors

Example 2:

shu uemura skincare statement

This is a brand video which made for Shu Uemura skincare collection promote.  Through this video, understanding Shu Uemura demonstrated the slogan of ” beautiful make up start with beautiful skin”. Porcelain-fine and petal soft skin are the make up designer in this video explained to audience what  Asian skin should looks and feels like. Therefore, this is the important clue to selling point about these skincare products. Collaboration with Shu Uemura lab in Japan they create high-tech molecule which is a advance science to  finish skin texture with water-filled, petal soft dewy “touch” and they try to give more transparency and healthy young pink tone to the “look” of skin.

USP: Perfect skin tone / Beautiful Asian skin “look” and “touch”

Example 3:

shu uemura drawing pencil kumisolo self application -Jungle Lady

shu uemura drawing pencil kumisolo self application -Kabuki Femme Fatale-

These two videos above are drawing pencil make-up tutorial by Shu Uemura published in youtube channel. They are represented very unique Japanese style which with Japanese drama and music. In my opinion, it is very smart to promote make-up like this. I can see the woman in these video are very easy to do make-up with drawing pencils, at the same time, this tutorial also very useful for people who never use these products before.

USP: Easy make-up / Japanese make-up style / color matching






Learning agreement

Brief explanation:

I will be focusing on brand promotion campaign and brand TVadvertising in semester2. After some relavant research, I’ll choose 6 ads among different brand area as my example and make comparison between them, they are : Honda, Ikea, cadburrys, Chanel, American Apparel, Diesel. My subject will be around topic of  “What a good advertising should do”, discuss both the good and bad elements, idea, technology or storyline appeared in those ads.


Context / Rationale

L.A.dy Dior The Film – Starring Marion Cotillard

L.A.dy Dior The Film – Starring Marion Cotillard

Dior presents L.A.dy Dior, a comedy shot in Hollywood by John Cameron Mitchell and starring French actress Marion Cotillard (and the iconic Lady Dior Bag). The fifth installment of the Lady Dior films, L.A.dy Dior is inspired by an amusing piece of footage shot by Richard Avedon in 1973 and stars supermodel and actress Lauren Hutton (that video is below).

This type of film called “Short Film”, it is very popular in this several years,

In general, it is longer than normal AD but short than normal film.

Most of Short Films are post on some websits like youtube, instagram or social network like facebook,twitter,weibo,

besides, it is also be use as outdoor AD, it can be seen on LED screen outside of the lifts, public area.