Shu Uemura advertising script

This is a story about a female celebrity and a paparazzo.

Shooting Script

29 July 2014

Written by

Zhen Huang

SCENE 1 — Cafe shop, Paris, Day

Jessica(famous actress)sit down at cafe shop which in the corner opposite store buildings after her shopping. To Jessica, today is Friday for shopping as normal, but different is due to the traffic jam, the driver Max woking for Jessica already late for pick her home around 10 mins. Jessica have a glimpse of her phone, the message from Max with sorry for his late, but he can do nothing because he still stuck in the road.  People are talking in whispers with all kinds of eyes to Jessica in this cafe shop, Through the windows, Jessica have a look the big outdoor new season make-up advertising poster on the top of store buildings which she endorses last week. Compare with that big advertising poster, Jessica looks more plain than moments in TV shows or advertisings. It is make she feel anxious and uncomfortable. She seems so unconfident without make-up. So, she decides to leave this place. She put the tips under coffee set, put the phone into shopping bags and wearing a big black sunglasses then leaves her table very fast.

People are watching her every motion until she left, but they are still talking about her.

SCENE 2 — Outside cafe shop, Paris, Day

At the moment Jessica stepped out cafe shop, suddenly she is shocked by a strong camera flash. Immediately, she puts her hand to cover her face, bend her knees slightly then turn into mode of self-protection.

                       “There a paparazzo is!!” She realized.

Here is a paparazzo front of Jessica with a big lens camera, he took 3 more photos and laugh wretched.

                       “What can I do now??” she thought.

                       “Run!!” she thinking with knitted brows.

She holds shopping bags tight, then quickly run away. Paparazzo quite on her heels.

SCENE 3 — Orchard Lane, Paris, Day

When Jessica run to Orchard lane, she turned head saw the paparazzo still follow her and take photos, which is  totally angered her. She stop and turn around. She is looking daggers at the paparazzo, then she take out a plastic gun from one of her shopping bags very slowly and point at him. The paparazzo is shocked and freezed.

Jessica put the trigger to him. Suddenly the different color powders come out from the barrel and splash on the paparazzo. He scared and run away, but Jessica won’t let him go and she chasing after him and keep shooting. Finally, Jessica couldn’t suppress a triumphant smile when she saw the paparazzo like a painted rat run away. She looks gorgeous with her confidence smile and impeccable eye makeup.

When Jessica run to Orchard lane, the paparazzo still follow her and never stope take photos. At that moment, Jessica saw Shu uemura pop-up store. Quickly, she run into that store. In this situation, the paparazzo only lingers outside the store, wait for Jessica come out. Under the make-up artist help, Jessica finish a perfect make-up at Shu Uemura store in a few minutes. When paparazzo see Jessica again, she looks perfect and gorgeous with confidence standing outside Shu Uemura store.

The brand name subtitle appeared in the end of the film.



Different kind of display advertising

I keep moving on field of  brand advertising at semester 2, and I will pay more attention into vintage brand or brand launched certain vintage collection.

This days, I analysed brand window display and store display. I found they give me a sense of real feeling and directly visual sense. The window display and store display will change by different season, collections or particular events. Window display is a way to advertise one brand, it shows the key elements of this season collection, tell a story or sketch a brand feature for every citizen.  I strongly believe that window display and store display play a vital role in brand  social communication and  merchandise  advertise.

Those pictures blow are taken by me in Christmas holiday in London 2013. Those are some luxury brands located around by Bond Street.

Ted Baker golden tone window display. 

IMG_0396 IMG_0401


Victoria secret window display, there has a specific background was printed in a photo frame  side by the item.


IMG_0474 IMG_0477 IMG_0478 IMG_0468IMG_0484

Jagermeister window display with forest and fairy tales atmosphere.

IMG_0486 IMG_0495

Ralph Lauren flagship shop window display which gives me a sense of vintage and luxury.

IMG_0496 IMG_0500 IMG_0504 IMG_0505 IMG_0506

On the other hand, those picture of window display and store display below are taken by me in London as well around Kennington high street and Piccadilly circle.

H&M 2014 Spring vintage collection new arrival. The store display with big annular light set and different pose mannequin.

CIMG0482 CIMG0483 CIMG0485

Outside the Selfridges. Selfridges set their window display as a fancy productions museum.  

CIMG0462 CIMG0461 CIMG0460 CIMG0457 CIMG0456 CIMG0439 CIMG0438 CIMG0437 CIMG0436

Store display of Traffie People, which is a vintage cloth shop in London. The old car, paper tag, luggage case,coppery light and vintage wall paper decoration. 

CIMG0435IMG_1277 IMG_1282 IMG_1284 IMG_1287

This is image sources of American Apparel window display in America which I found on website. This brand always keeps some vintage elements on their visual sense. 

6494277_orig American-Apparel-rainy-season-windows-by-Lena-Shockley-Japan-02 DSC_0339 tumblr_mjy4gx6rwn1r05jkho1_1280

However, some merchandiser even hire real people for their window display to attract more attention.

b8ac6f2518fb12696fb129 U401P4T426D168136F16470DT20130122161039

In the store display nowadays, the big LED screen or computer (pad) have been more and more popular.

This is All Saints store display in London, wooden furniture, vintage mirror, and be modified computer, customers can find item details self by this computer.

CIMG0429 CIMG0431 CIMG0433 CIMG0434


Mango store, big LED screen


CIMG0427 CIMG0428

London Fashion Weekend diary

Before this September, I’ve only ever get news about fashion week through the pages of magazines or an Instagram filter. However, it is exciting to get London fashion weekend silver ticket with my classmate Ivy and Betty. This is my first time to go out and take part in a global fashion event.

Somerset House have been transformed into Britain’s most exclusive fashion and designer shopping experience, brimming with catwalk shows, pop-up shops, hair & beauty and educational panels from leading industry experts for 4 days (20/02/2014–23/02/2014).

We have visited a few designer outlet shop, especially the vintage fur shop which all items with lovely price. After the show we walked around the rooms of Somerset House, we watched the 2014 trend catwalk show included 4 particular trends, which is Precious Metals, Lace Embrace, Good Sport and Flower Power. I just want to say all of the trends productions are totally wearable. And it is worth to mention it that we even can see some luxury elements in the Good Sport section!!


12752043663_7f914f3471_b CIMG0466 lfw-spring-summer-ss-14-2014-london-fashion-week-new-york-paris-milan-somerset-house-diary-how-to-get-invites-shows-burberry-mulberry-bfc-british-fashion-council-street-style-best-of-glche_waga_1888_35_large


WeChat_Image_17584 WeChat_Image_17621img_0520 img_0521 img_0522 img_0529-e1393349469868

IMG_20140223_171259 IMG_20140223_171313 IMG_20140223_171429 IMG_20140223_171443 IMG_20140223_171447 IMG_20140223_171500 IMG_20140223_172957


There are some important tips I found in a blog, it is quite funny but true!! I have to say I experienced exactly same feeling with that blogger and that is totally what I am gonna to do at next fashion week in the future!

Don’t bring a clutch bag because it looks fashiony. By five o’clock your arm will kill.
Don’t dress for the photographers – it’ll just bruise your ego when they walk straight past you. I found myself muttering ‘I’m wearing a cropped shirt and a full midi skirt – what more do you want?!’ repeatedly.
Comfort is key. And I hate myself for saying that, but by Jove, dress comfortably. There’s a lot (a lot) of standing around.
Plan your route carefully – don’t think you can make it from The Mall back to Somerset House for shows half an hour apart. Queues for the second show will have gathered before the first show even starts.
Try not to let an odd immediate rivalry spring up between you and the other queuing folk because they may/may not dress better than you. Most of the time they’re really friendly.
Bring some reading material – see point 3.
Feel free to laugh at the fashionistas perching outside venues looking rad (I’m talking to you, coordinated girls with ludicrous dome hats and green lipstick). They think that a striking look alone will get them entry into the show. It won’t.
Be prepared to not get into some shows despite having a ticket – brush it off, on to the next one.
Eat lots because oh my, the hunger of a day on your feet in a big city is staggering. But try not to scoff your face in the queue outside some fancy venue. I did with a Starbucks gingerbread man, and I was judged.
Realise that a lot of models aren’t that great close up, and quietly rejoice in this realisation.