Florence Müller Interview

This interview was picked from 2013 ‘Esprit Dior’ Exhibition (Shanghai).

“Christian Dior has an especially rich artistic history because in his youth, his first job was as head of an art gallery. Christian Dior had the insight to exhibit already famous artists like Picasso, Braque and Miro at his gallery, and their renown allowed him to also exhibit young talent, such as Dali and Giacomtti, who went on to become famous.”


“The foundations of Christian Dior’s style, the famous idea of the woman—flower, the association between the beauty of a flower and the beauty of woman. Christian Dior was attracted by 2 visions of natures:  on one hand, this idealised nature, characteristic of a French garden, a tamed, ordered, geometric nature. On the other hand, he also liked very  natural nature, fields of flowers, the nature you see in impressionist paintings. These two views of nature can be seen in his creations, both simple, airy dresses and sumptuous dresses reminscent of what would have been worn in the Gallery of Mirrors at Versailles.”


“In 1947, Christian Dior sparked a real revolution by going back in time to the grandeur France, that magnificent style of Versailles in the 17th and 18th centuries of architecture, decorative arts, paintings , ART DE VIVRE, a model for the entire world that was subsequently copied. The height of sophistication, beauty and aesthetics, Marie Antoinette was the queen who set styles and created trends. She was looking for a sort of return to nature inspired by Jean-Jacques Roussean. Haute couture is something specifically parisian, all professions involved in haute couture are searching for perfection. I think that really is the word that defines these professions.”

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