Prepareing for project

Before I start to work out my project, I think I need to do more specific investigation in Shu Uemura promotion area and have a consideration about my project. That means I am going to summarize common points in commercial cooperations which Shu Uemura work with other artists or designer, besides, have a brainstorm map is necessary and useful for my final work.

Through my early research, packaging design in Shu Uemura commercial cooperations always followed by some similarity:

  1. Colorful visual sense
  2. Young and Dynamic design
  3. With Japanese style culture
  4. Styling & Icon: It would be a very iconic specific body shape, otherwise, there will be a visual style communication.


Shu-Uemura-Karl-Lagerfeld-Holiday-2012-Mon-Shu-Uemura-Collection karl lagerfeld for shu-uemura illustration


Karl took his inspiration from Japanese manga and designed his own character, Mon Shu, a doll with red eyes sporting a black bob. Mon Shu is as cute as it gets, but she’s a doll. A very very girly doll.

ob for shu uemura 2013 spring sakura collection _uv mousse ob for shu uemura 2013 spring sakura collection _cleansing oil 2013_spring_sakura_collection-13 2013_spring_sakura_collection-11 2013_spring_sakura_collection-9 2013_spring_sakura_collection-7

OB for Shu Uemura 2013 spring sakura collection–Japanese Princess

This limited-edition collection, inspired by Japanese artist OB, celebrates a new era in art with dreamy colors in a creative, fantasy world based on four Japanese princess characters.

shu-uemura-mika-for-uv-underbase shu-uemura-mika-for-shu-spiral-duo shu-uemura-mika-for-shu-powder shu-uemura-mika-for-shu-nail-sticker shu-uemura-mika-for-shu-cleansing-oilsshu-uemura-mika-for-shu-lashes

Shu Uemura Mika for Shu Collection for Spring & Summer 2014–Butterfly, Wonderland, Mouth, Sweets, Flower…

Let your curiosity turn the key and allow the butterflies lead you to pathways abundant with charmingly sweet candy or darkly seductive forbidden fruit…which butterfly will you follow?
Butterflies are your guide into Mika’s euphoric wonderland, a vivid landscape from blue to red, green and pink that sings with flora and fauna.

Mika has created four exclusive visuals –Curiosity, Forbidden Fruits, Singing Forest, & Melting Sweet Dream–as the packaging for some of the cult favourite products as well as limited edition shades.




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