Association of ideas

After all the research, I decide to choose drawing pencil collection as subject for my final project, there are two brainstorm about that:


屏幕快照 2014-07-21 上午10.31.20Shu-Uemura-Drawing-Pencils shuuemura

20140721_102518 20140721_102451

Association of ideas:

Shu Uemura drawing pencil collection with 21 colors, because of it is with pencil shape, therefore, they will be very easy make-up, easy to carry. Meanwhile, it also a practical product which we can draw eye make-up whatever we want like: thin, thick or shadow shapes. It gives me a sense of mutable and flexible.

Inspireation:Explosive art ( Guo qiang Cai), Blossoms fashion film ( Nick Knight)

Object: Gun powder, firework, Color powder, Light

Distinguishing feature: dramatic, flexible, dynamic, diversity, brisk, mutable

Guo qiang Cai, explosive art

For a contemporary artist any material is good enough to work with, be it noble and soft or poor and aggressive. Cai Guo-Qiang made a radical choice: he chose gunpowder. With black dust and the inhereted wisdom of hundreds of years of Chinese pyrotechnic tradition he composes works of art that are made visible in a detonation of light, smoke and colour. Explosive art.

07122105_blog.uncovering.org_cai-guo-qiang Cai-Guo-Qiang-gunpowder4-550x339 Exploding House,Gunpowder on paper,2006 07122101_blog.uncovering.org_cai-guo-qiang DB BILD RE


Nick Knight blossom fashion films





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