Swatch customers portfolio

Brand: Swatch

Age group: Young people age in 15-34, student

Common interests: Art, Fashion, casual style

Customer: Alison

Occupation: student


Marital status: unmarried

Location: Beijing


Alison wakes up and morning exercise





Alison eat breakfast(fruits yoghourt, white bread, egg, milk)15min



She say goodby to her parents then leaves home and walk to bus station

She tend to has her Ipad in her hand to check all of her social media and blogs she followed on the way to school.



Alison arrive school, chats with her classmate about the new or interesting things she found from her Ipad just now.

Class has begin.



Short time break, Alison discuss questions about last class with her classmate.



There has 2 hours break in the middle noon, Alison has lunch at home with her mom then has a short sleep or day dreaming.



Independent study, Alison would like stay in school library to do research or do online tests.



Class is over, Alison will do outdoor activity in Monday and Friday, and has extra writing classes on other working days.



Dinner for family, Alison talk about news in school to her parents, sometimes she will do her mom favor on housework.



Homework & Independent study. Alison like to play piano after homework, her father bought her a luxury Yamaha Piano and a wonderful CD player, it would be very helpful to improve Alison’s music  technique.


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