Unique selling proposition anaysis

After Shu uemura brand visual & 4Ps analysis, I move attention on the other field, Unique selling proposition(USP). ‘USP’ means unique selling proposition. It is one of the basics of effective marketing and business that has stood the test of time. A USP can help customers by saving them time when they are considering buying a product or service. By stating simply and clearly why your product or service is different, it will stand out from the competition. You can use a different USP for every product or service within your range. Alternatively, you may decide to use a company-related USP, such as high levels of customer service.

Every business needs a USP for its products and services. To stand out in today’s crowded market place you must be either BETTER or CHEAPER than your competitors. The process of identifying a USP helps you to focus on the key benefits that help to sell your products or services and contribute to your profits. You can also use your USP to provide a focus for, and therefore improve the effectiveness of, your promotion and sales activities. If you want to see examples of USPs in practice, then advertising is a good place to look. Advertising agencies have limited space to convey all the features and benefits of a particular product or service. So, in just a few words, they seek to communicate how the company is different and what customers can expect when they buy the product or service. A couple of examples from a recent daily newspaper include:

• Citroen want to draw attention to the fact that not only do their cars have new gizmos and gadgets (as do the other manufacturers’ cars) but that theirs have been designed with the customer in mind (unlike other manufacturers’): “Technology as it should be: 100% useful”.

• Olympus cameras want potential purchasers to know that a new model can do all the things that a professional would want but without requiring the expertise, expense and effort required to set up and produce quality results: “All the features of a professional camera without the fuss”.

In this post, I will present several Shu Uemura online advertisings which follow by personal comprehension about the selling points of those cases.

Example 1:

Mon Shu Girl birth – Karl Lagerfeld for shu uemura

Advertising of Karl Lagerfeld for shu uemura collections. In this case, the most important selling point of make-up is the design of Karl’s, it is no doubt that the design in Karl’s mind already far more attractive than the feature or quality of products. Beside, the animated effect and various of colors showed in this animation advertising, all want to express the style and part of product information to audience.

USP: Design and style of Karl Lagerfeld / The diversity of colors

Example 2:

shu uemura skincare statement

This is a brand video which made for Shu Uemura skincare collection promote.  Through this video, understanding Shu Uemura demonstrated the slogan of ” beautiful make up start with beautiful skin”. Porcelain-fine and petal soft skin are the make up designer in this video explained to audience what  Asian skin should looks and feels like. Therefore, this is the important clue to selling point about these skincare products. Collaboration with Shu Uemura lab in Japan they create high-tech molecule which is a advance science to  finish skin texture with water-filled, petal soft dewy “touch” and they try to give more transparency and healthy young pink tone to the “look” of skin.

USP: Perfect skin tone / Beautiful Asian skin “look” and “touch”

Example 3:

shu uemura drawing pencil kumisolo self application -Jungle Lady

shu uemura drawing pencil kumisolo self application -Kabuki Femme Fatale-

These two videos above are drawing pencil make-up tutorial by Shu Uemura published in youtube channel. They are represented very unique Japanese style which with Japanese drama and music. In my opinion, it is very smart to promote make-up like this. I can see the woman in these video are very easy to do make-up with drawing pencils, at the same time, this tutorial also very useful for people who never use these products before.

USP: Easy make-up / Japanese make-up style / color matching





Swatch customers portfolio

Brand: Swatch

Age group: Young people age in 15-34, student

Common interests: Art, Fashion, casual style

Customer: Alison

Occupation: student


Marital status: unmarried

Location: Beijing


Alison wakes up and morning exercise





Alison eat breakfast(fruits yoghourt, white bread, egg, milk)15min



She say goodby to her parents then leaves home and walk to bus station

She tend to has her Ipad in her hand to check all of her social media and blogs she followed on the way to school.



Alison arrive school, chats with her classmate about the new or interesting things she found from her Ipad just now.

Class has begin.



Short time break, Alison discuss questions about last class with her classmate.



There has 2 hours break in the middle noon, Alison has lunch at home with her mom then has a short sleep or day dreaming.



Independent study, Alison would like stay in school library to do research or do online tests.



Class is over, Alison will do outdoor activity in Monday and Friday, and has extra writing classes on other working days.



Dinner for family, Alison talk about news in school to her parents, sometimes she will do her mom favor on housework.



Homework & Independent study. Alison like to play piano after homework, her father bought her a luxury Yamaha Piano and a wonderful CD player, it would be very helpful to improve Alison’s music  technique.

Swatch brand information and 4Ps analysis

Swatch is one of the most successful brands of the Swatch Group. Its first line of plastic quartz analog line was launched in 1983, and went to become a global phenomenon. It is a cost effective, classic wristwatch, produced in endless bright, appealing designs, and even became a cult collectors’ item.
Swatch has enjoyed this success due to its innovative design and quality, with a perfect marketing strategy for its target audience. It is a hot collectable fashion accessory, which could be attached to clothes and also wore as a ponytail band.
However, due to the recent economic downturn coupled with changing taste and culture of the target market, most of the wrist watch companies have been hit hard including the parent company Swatch Group.
SWATCH as a brand has been performing well in these changing environment. But in order to stay ahead of this aggressive market, SWATCH has to work on its R&D with a combination of new marketing strategies.


SWOT Analysis

This technique is specially designed to help identify suitable marketing strategies for the company to follow.(hollensen 2007)
Swatch enjoys consumer loyalty. This was further enhanced with the launch of Swatch Members Club. It is a collectable, which has proven to be a hot asset and has raised high prices at auctions.
It enjoys an esteemed brand position in the world market as being one of the most successful brands of the Swiss Conglomerate Swatch Group.
It has a variety of product lines, including Bijoux Jewelleries: which has new designs for every season with a mixture of fashion, art and sports.

The watch market is becoming very fragmented which makes the promotion of the brand difficult.
Swatch has been facing a very low turnover of its assets compared to its competitor’s parent company.
The productivity per employee is weak hence affecting the financial profits of the parent company. The productivity of Swatch Group is $0.2Million Compared to $0.3 Million of its competitor’s Seiko.

Improved economic condition in developing countries like China and India is increasing people’s disposable income.
As developing countries become more westernised; Swatch could gain a competitive edge in these growing markets with a mixture of its innovative design and artistic approach.
The recent economic downturn has changed the spending ability of the con­sumer. They are switching from luxurious to affordable goods.
The innovative change in the e-commerce and retail sector gives a direct exposure to market its product.

Threats from the counterfeit watch market is growing concern been. This results in loss of brand and its reputation. Recent reports show that, the counterfeit watch industry causes losses of over $1 Billion every year.
Swatch customers are urban trendsetters who prefer changes and are unpredictable. So if swatch fails to produce innovate style it can make huge loss on its sales.
Europe is currently the biggest market for Swatch watches, however due to the economic recession and price fixation its position is threatened.
Plastic and metal is the main raw material for Swatch watches. Recent price increase in crude oil and metal is making the raw material expensive and production cost very high which leaves a very low margin for profit.

Marketing Mix Decision

When marketing their product, firms need to create a successful mix of

  • The right product
  • Sold at the right price
  • In the right place
  • Using the most suitable promotion
  • Proofread and Marking Service
  • Essay Writing Service
  • This is not an example of our work.
  • Find out more
  • Selecting the most effective promotional channel

The main reasons for the success of Swatch in comparison to its competitors in the East is its marketing strategy, quality and design of their watches. No matter how good the product is, it needs to be marketed correctly. With marketing mix of product, price, place and promotion we should be able to suggest the future strategy to maintain its number one position in the market.

Swatch has diversified its original cult plastic design by offering different range from Metal-bodied watches, diving watches (the Scuba series), thin and flat bodied watches and also internet watch. To improve its product appearance and differentiate itself in the market Swatch can market personalised watches where customers get to choose their colour and design. This can help Swatch to develop its brand diversity and offering to the target audience.

There have a swatch product and price list in website


Pricing is the only element of the marketing mix to help generate the revenue. Pricing sends a very powerful message, it is extremely important that they reflect the customer value the company delivers. To find the trick to balance it’s pricing, Swatch can differentiate its product line on the basis of pricing; economy, standard and superior versions which will help them to gain an edge over their competitors and to globally gain the market share especially in BRIC countries were Swatch Group is showing tremendous growth.
Demographics suggest that the main target market of Swatch is the age group of 15-34. Taking this in to consideration, I suggest it could provide special prices to students and a discount on customisation of the watch if registered with Swatch Club Membership.

Promotion is the process whereby marketers inform, educate, persuade, remind and reinforce through communication. It is important for Swatch to capture target audience to generate sales and revenue. Swatch has been an active sponsor of European sports and also an official time keeper of Olympic which has helped it to gain the international attention and market an international culture. It also had its hand on the entertainment industry through partnership with MTV by running different contest within the shows. It also has a partnership with World Volley Ball Federation which helps to promote the sport internationally and also helped Swatch to market itself as a company with public interest.
Currently there is an exponential rise in the use of social networking sites. Demographics suggest that Swatch target audience are the youth and they are very well connected through these social networking sites. Swatch already has a fan following of 3, 20,102 on face book which is increasing day by day. This page also gives an access to Twitter, Swatch Club and the Swatch website.
This could increase its brand awareness and also alert its target audience about the uniqueness of their product. Facebook is one of the, most successful social network website. Swatch has an exceedingly good chance to attract new customers. It can also run competition and contest like it does on MTV on these social networking sites.

It should also participate in university based social events, which can help gain popularity with the youth who are the trendsetters of today’s society. Due to the economic down turn companies have made huge cuts on their marketing budgets, Swatch can use this latency in the market to its advantage; they could increase their promotional marketing activity, which may enable them to increase their market share.

Choosing the right channel of distribution is very important for a company.
It’s famously said ‘supply creates demand’. If we analyse the current market segment and also increase competition in the watch industry I would suggest Swatch could use multiple channel strategy in which the product is available through multiple channels of distribution such as Internet, sales force, call centre, retail store, departmental store and direct mail. But to keep the brand identity and exclusivity of its product Swatch can sell its personalised and limited collection only through its Swatch Membership club, which can help to maintain the exclusivity of their watches. In this way different customer with different buying behaviour will seek channels that best serve their needs


Shu uemura customers portfolio

Brand: Shu uemura

Age group: Working women between 25 to 40 years of age. Like: Lovers of Japanese arts, students, medical worker, office worker, model, actress, housewife.

Common interests: Art, Fashion, Beauty, Skin care, Sport, Natural science.

Customer: Ashley

Occupation: Editor

Marital status: unmarried

Location: London


Ashley wakes up and the first thing she check her mail box and Iphone




Eat breakfast(fruits yoghourt, white bread, egg, orange juice)15min

Beauty regime, she will spend 30min on skin care, make-up and hair styling

Dressing for 15min



Leaves her apartment she share with her boyfriend John, and walk to Canary wharf underground station

She tend to has her Iphone in her hand to check all of her social media and blogs she followed to kill time for traveling to work place



Ashley will meet her high school classmate Nicky whose a fashion designer at waterloo station almost everyday. They will talk about the latest information in fashion area or recent traveling experience



Ashley say goodbye to Nicky, and get off at Green park station, then walk to work place for 10 min



She meets with her director or assistants to discuss what is going to be in the following days work



Ashley squeezes in a quick lunch with managers or collaborators, unless she has to finish emergent cases



In the most of time, Ashley should go out to collect information material for her work or meet respondents in the afternoon



Some times, Ashley will wait for John to drive she to apartment. Sometimes she will do some shopping at shopping mall then go home by underground system



Unless Ashley need to do extra work, she has dinner with John at apartment, settles down to watch evening TV or play video games with john, or hung out with their friend for parties