About my body of work

Yesterday is the deadline of DE4106. for the body of work, I handed in a booklet of my animation advertising which is an shoes advertising made for Christian Louboutin. My booklet included the script, storyboard, advertising planing and most of the original paintings. Due to the time limit, I have finished more than half the original paintings, because  the animated design in this advertising are all hand drawing by myself,which is quite time consuming.

I did some research about it before, because it is the favorite shoes brand personally. The storyline was completely constructed 2 month ago and then inspire by the advertising “Saks Fifth Avenue & Christian Louboutin”. I decided make this advertising by stop motion which use camera shooting at first. However, it is quite hard to work out in holiday, because it is need some equipments, manpower resource and photo-studio. So I change my mind to do hand drawing animation.

All in all, I am happy with my final results of my body of work, it is takes me a short time to do such a complete animated design work, I think it is  also a challenge for me.