Gril’s dream..

less traditional fashion show video,

“Image overlap with body motion” (my own’s opinion, I don’t know what is its professional name @0@…)

it is  kind of a unique way to explain animation combine with fashion,

The designer of this video come from Japan.

This video is suit for personal brand (independent designer) or some small beginner companies as the first fashion advertising, because it is not costly and very easy to work out.

People would prefer see such videos at internet( I mean put they on social media, like instagram, facebook, youtube or something like that), it is can be regard as a foundation of start to running a company and show audience the spirt or attitude of designer’s, because the audience could give comments under the video, the manager can use this video as kind of tool to measure the value of this brand and predict the trend in the future, and also can check out something wrong so far though this video, I think it is a safe and smart way to expand one brand.


One thought on “Gril’s dream..

  1. Consider what this could be used for, what kind of companies/designers/people would benefit. Is this something you would do, or like to try… I would question if this would be good in store, something to have alongside changing rooms, maybe record the video and the outcome and post on social networks.

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