2013-10-28 (Few weeks outcome)

I have been so confused by the theme of my issue in my MA studies last few weeks.————————–But I am no stop collect bank of images and some interesting videos which I thought it is should be use in my study work. I did Animation courses in my BA education before, however, therefore I realised it is something connection in fashion and animation design that is ‘fashion advertising’ this days, because I use to design some particular animation role for fashion commercial advertising at university, I think it is kind of personal experience which I adepted. On the other hand, I am going to be a manager of my own fashion brand after MA education. It is very important to know how to express the sprit of  brand, the value of my brand, even the special thinking of a good manager, plus, in this area that is really what I am desire to learn more.

In the next few weeks, I am going to focus on Fashion Advertising in our daily life, and analyse different ways of Fashion Advertising, especially in Animation or High-tech area, the trend of contemporary fashion advertising, also I would like post some videos or images on my wordpress, and give my personal opinion of them, in different kinds of field about that, like the special techniques, the music, the colours, the tens, the commercial value, the customers behaviour, the attitude of designer’s…


Gril’s dream..

less traditional fashion show video,

“Image overlap with body motion” (my own’s opinion, I don’t know what is its professional name @0@…)

it is  kind of a unique way to explain animation combine with fashion,

The designer of this video come from Japan.

This video is suit for personal brand (independent designer) or some small beginner companies as the first fashion advertising, because it is not costly and very easy to work out.

People would prefer see such videos at internet( I mean put they on social media, like instagram, facebook, youtube or something like that), it is can be regard as a foundation of start to running a company and show audience the spirt or attitude of designer’s, because the audience could give comments under the video, the manager can use this video as kind of tool to measure the value of this brand and predict the trend in the future, and also can check out something wrong so far though this video, I think it is a safe and smart way to expand one brand.

Issey Miyake

Interesting animation video combine with cat walk.

This video is quite a impressive video and it is  the most vanguard fashion advertising in animation way I’ve ever saw.

Brief but not simple which totally expresses the characteristic of this brand, the video designer just use the points to show audience the most important element of this season, in my opinion, this video is appropriate for advertise at big LED screen on the skyscrapers, there should be quite attracts passerby than other poster or advertising ever showed before.


Florence Müller Interview

This interview was picked from 2013 ‘Esprit Dior’ Exhibition (Shanghai).

“Christian Dior has an especially rich artistic history because in his youth, his first job was as head of an art gallery. Christian Dior had the insight to exhibit already famous artists like Picasso, Braque and Miro at his gallery, and their renown allowed him to also exhibit young talent, such as Dali and Giacomtti, who went on to become famous.”


“The foundations of Christian Dior’s style, the famous idea of the woman—flower, the association between the beauty of a flower and the beauty of woman. Christian Dior was attracted by 2 visions of natures:  on one hand, this idealised nature, characteristic of a French garden, a tamed, ordered, geometric nature. On the other hand, he also liked very  natural nature, fields of flowers, the nature you see in impressionist paintings. These two views of nature can be seen in his creations, both simple, airy dresses and sumptuous dresses reminscent of what would have been worn in the Gallery of Mirrors at Versailles.”


“In 1947, Christian Dior sparked a real revolution by going back in time to the grandeur France, that magnificent style of Versailles in the 17th and 18th centuries of architecture, decorative arts, paintings , ART DE VIVRE, a model for the entire world that was subsequently copied. The height of sophistication, beauty and aesthetics, Marie Antoinette was the queen who set styles and created trends. She was looking for a sort of return to nature inspired by Jean-Jacques Roussean. Haute couture is something specifically parisian, all professions involved in haute couture are searching for perfection. I think that really is the word that defines these professions.”

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Future Beauty

Celebrates 30 years of Japaness fashion by charting the rise and influence of fashion’s most avant-garde designers, such as comme des Gargons’ Rei Kaw-akubo, Kenzo Takada, Issey Miyake, Yo-hiji Yamamoto and Junya Watanabe. What was then, still looks ultra- modern now-glimpse the timelessly provocative until February 2011 at London’s Barbican. DMD


— From <I~D> 2010-NO.309-P46



Extract from John Berger

Soon after we can see, we are aware that we can also be seen. The eye of the other combines with our own eye to make it fully credible that we are part of the visible world…

When in love, the sigh of the beloved has a completeness which no words and no embrace can match: a completeness which only the act of making love can temporarily accommodate.

—<Ways of seeing>   by  John Berger